Back to school again

I’m in almost at the end of my second week at school. I’m counting down to the days of graduation. And I have to start looking for a real job.  Like in the art industry.  I’ve started my connections, sending thank you letters, emails, job searching, apartment searching in san fran, etc. My life is starting to take shape, and it’s almost time to enter the real world and I still am not sure what I’m doing. 

And break ups… jeez they are so hard. 

Love life now, not tomorrow.


And what you have all been waiting for…

The Ladies of Lattice process video!

We are the champions

A quick overview… 

Basically we won!  And both teams kicked ass.

Congrats to the ladies of lattice for all your hard work and everything we put into this project. I look forward to working with all of you, including team Kiwi in the near future, when we sit in on the creative meetings with Ryan and Sameunderneath.


Crunch time

Tomorrow is final pitch day. I’m sitting at at StudioBard, practicing like no other for tomorrow. And honestly, I’m scared shitless. First ever pitch to a real client… this isn’t some stupid class project where no one gives a rat’s ass. This is real life people!!!!

I am living and breathing and sleeping Sameunderneath now. I am in love with my pitch and all the awesome stuff we’ve designed.

Kiwi, you have some tough competition. Team Lattice is a strong group of women who love competition.

Best of luck to both teams, this has been an awesome six weeks. 


Remember to smile, it makes your butt tickle 🙂

Damn video

I would just like to share a few quick thoughts on video editing. I’ve been working on a pitch for the past six weeks, for local client Sameunderneath (check out the website All throughout these past six weeks, I have been documenting my agencies I’ve traveled too, the places I’ve been in Portland, and all the great people I have met. PAF wants a documented video of everything through the past 6 weeks.

So I sat down at my dad’s studio with all the images, video and sound that I had. We worked from 1 – 10:30 and the video is still not finished… and it is only 5 minutes long!!! WTF?! How is someone supposed to edit a movie like Batman that is 3 hours long… that would take seriously like, I’ll do the math…Almost 2,000 hours. Um thats like a year or something…lol.

So, I came to the conclusion that I hate, hate, hate video editing (no offense video editors, I now appreciate your job much more).

First day at CMD

Today has already been crazy.  I’ve met like a bazillion people, and I’m pretty sure I’ve walked around in a couple of circles, trying to find my “cube.” This is the hugest agency…I’ve never been so overwhelmed. I’m sorry for the person who had to be here the very first two weeks… I would have cried because of all the info I had to pack into my brain.

But, on a more positive note… Ron who works in the audio/video department knows my mom and dad from the audio industry… He makes me feel a little more at home.  And Thorin, he is head of the interactive design department…he is great. He seems super down to earth. 

My only complaint is that I can’t figure out how to get on the email… or sync up to the calender program or any of that good stuff. Hopefully by tomorrow I can figure all that out. I can’t believe it’s almost lunch time. I’m starving…and I miss Carter (the love of my life).

I can’t wait to get settled and finish our design stuff for the pitch.


Last day at Asterix

I can’t even begin to say how sad I am to leave Ilona, the construction workers outside, and the smell of rotten fish from Masu the sushi restaurant next door. I love this building and everyone who works for the company. Chris is awesome, and I was so happy that I got to meet her in person when she flew in from San Fran.  Katherine and Stephen are great assets to the team and not to mention wonderful and very funny people. And of course, I’ve been working side by side, going to lunch and even doing some people watching with Ilona.  I will miss everyone dearly.

Thank you all for the opportunity of a lifetime.


So have you ever read the names of the vitamins you are taking? Well I found out some very interesting ones…

Would you take something called “Meno”……

Or how about “Prosflow”……

Both very interesting names… lol

Wow… it’s been way too long

It’s seriously probably been over a week since I’ve blogged. I’ve been so busy with SUN and my project that I’m working on at Asterix. I get no sleep anymore… I am working 24/7 and when I’m not working, I am thinking about work, and when I’m not thinking about work, I’m dreaming about layouts, and color guides, and typefaces… INSANE.

But this is what I love… I really do breathe, live, sleep, eat design…LITERALLY.

Day 1 at AsterixGroup

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