Damn video

I would just like to share a few quick thoughts on video editing. I’ve been working on a pitch for the past six weeks, for local client Sameunderneath (check out the website sameunderneath.com). All throughout these past six weeks, I have been documenting my agencies I’ve traveled too, the places I’ve been in Portland, and all the great people I have met. PAF wants a documented video of everything through the past 6 weeks.

So I sat down at my dad’s studio with all the images, video and sound that I had. We worked from 1 – 10:30 and the video is still not finished… and it is only 5 minutes long!!! WTF?! How is someone supposed to edit a movie like Batman that is 3 hours long… that would take seriously like, I’ll do the math…Almost 2,000 hours. Um thats like a year or something…lol.

So, I came to the conclusion that I hate, hate, hate video editing (no offense video editors, I now appreciate your job much more).


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