Group Meeting at ID Branding

Today Lattice and Kiwi met in our small groups, after a great presentation from ID branding.  We spent the day brainstorming and developing our marketing plan. We made some real progress as a group and I can’t wait to see what our creative minds will develop.

I start at Asterix group on Monday, and I heard there is a big project in store for me to work on when I get there… I CAN’T WAIT!!! I’m starting to network and make fabulous connections with people and hopefully form life-long friendships.

Live. Laugh. Love


Last day at HMH

So sad.. Today is my last day at HMH. I love this agency and I can totally see myself employed here in the future. Every single person here is friendly and every single person is willing to go the extra mile.  I heard a great little piece of advice from one of my fav people here…

She said “In this industry, it’s really hard to get your foot in the door, but that’s the most important part. It took me a long time to get my foot in the door, but let me tell you… this is the place where you WANT to get your foot in the door.”  

Note to self, my plan for after I graduate:  GET MY FOOT IN THE DOOR AT HMH.

Tomorrow we meet with Lattice, probably and hopefully we will start to finalize and make a project calender. Can’t wait to meet with the girls, and visit ID branding…

I will video blog for you tonight once I get home… since I haven’t been quite up to date with that because my stupid isight camera is broken.  

Love Life.

GIG day @ HMH

OMG! No words could describe how helpful my GIG was today. I had people from brand strategy, design, interactive, other interns, account managers, etc who sat down with me and just had an hour long brainstorm session about sameunderneath. IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!

Can’t wait until Friday, so I can share all my new found knowledge with my group.  Also, Lattice logos are underway and they are turning out to be b-e-a-utiful. I could see myself in the future being a member of the HMH team, they have great enthusiasm and their leaders offer excellent advice and many helping hands.

Until tomorrow.

The weekend

So our group meeting went pretty well on Friday… it was a long and hard brainstorm session… and my brain did hurt so very bad afterwards… But we got to visit the Sameunderneath store in NE Portland (AWESOME).

As for HMH, the people there are soooooooo wonderful. There seriously aren’t words for me to describe how much help they have been. I finally feel comfortable and at home, and on Thursday, I have to leave 😦

Well, this past weekend, I took a trip to the beach…beautiful weather, and of course, I got sunburned like no other and now I look like a lobster; but it was totally worth it.  

Just a reminder to everyone… make sure you take time out of your week to do things for yourself. It’s not supposed to be business 24/7, don’t forget to have some fun!

Day 2 – HMH

I’m going to scream…

OH MY GOD!!! My isight camera on my mac just decided that it was done working today, even though it was working wonderfully yesterday. All I want to do is make a damn video blog for the day, I have so many awesome experiences to share and I can’t!! 

Why does technology have to be such a bitch? I want to throw this computer out of the second story window here… And I hope that all the snazzy lexus, BMW, and mercedes drivers run their giant SUV’s over it and smash it into a million pieces…


Meeting today

Today I met with Paul, he is part of the P/R team at HMH.  He was a graduate of Lewis & Clark (same as me) and he really helped me to begin the basic part of the brainstorming for the Sameunderneath marketing plan. Those LC grads are really the best thinkers out there…lol 🙂

Day 1 – HMH

Our team name

My first full work day at HMH

There are no words to describe how excited I was today. I worked all day in the office, researching sameunderneath, logo design for our team, and meeting all the agency members. This is only going to turn into an amazing experience and I am so thankful to have the helping hands of the people who run the agency.

Thank you to all… until tomorrow 🙂

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