First day at CMD

Today has already been crazy.  I’ve met like a bazillion people, and I’m pretty sure I’ve walked around in a couple of circles, trying to find my “cube.” This is the hugest agency…I’ve never been so overwhelmed. I’m sorry for the person who had to be here the very first two weeks… I would have cried because of all the info I had to pack into my brain.

But, on a more positive note… Ron who works in the audio/video department knows my mom and dad from the audio industry… He makes me feel a little more at home.  And Thorin, he is head of the interactive design department…he is great. He seems super down to earth. 

My only complaint is that I can’t figure out how to get on the email… or sync up to the calender program or any of that good stuff. Hopefully by tomorrow I can figure all that out. I can’t believe it’s almost lunch time. I’m starving…and I miss Carter (the love of my life).

I can’t wait to get settled and finish our design stuff for the pitch.



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